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Yoga for the Busy

Santhi Yoga is ready to launch a six-week online course for all of us who are just a little bit too busy. With this course, Govind will teach how it doesn't have to take a huge effort to regain balance in a busy and stressful everyday life. 


A little effort with a big effect

You don't have to be a dedicated yoga practitioner or own elaborate equipment to implement a yoga routine. Over the course of six weeks, you will learn how even a few minutes can make a positive difference in your life quality. 



"I am – and will always be – a student of life. I have taught yoga for 20+ years and received individual spiritual guidance by various spiritual masters and my aim of this course is to offer some simple ancient tools to help solve and prevent modern problems. Today many people are drowning in their busyness, forgetting to take care of their inner business. I would like to help people regain balance and control of their life flow which ultimately improves quality of life. I hope to see you on the course!"


Step-by-step guides

The online course is divided into six modules. Every week a new module will be revealed with videos, guidance and extra material. The course is build up a foundation of some basic exercises that will be repeated and unfolded as the weeks pass while Govind will keep a focus on specific subjects each week. This way you can receive the teachings in your own time and the material will be available for your to download even after the course ends so you can always go back and refreshen your memory or get inspired.